Welcome back to part 2 of my 3 part blog about the self-leadership required  to combine both work and play whilst doing some extended travelling.  In the Spring of 2018, I did just that.

Here I am sharing how I balanced my commitments when travelling for 111 days through France and Spain, fully embracing the ‘Explore Dream and Discover’ philosophy.

Part 1 – Explore (published 25 September 2018)

Part 2- DREAM (see below)

Part 3 – Discover (coming next week)

Part 2 – Dream

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?’ Robert H. Schuller

If you won the lottery tomorrow or inherited lots of wealth from an unknown benefactor, what would you do if anything was possible?  What are your dreams?

Some people are natural dreamers and when asked this question, they can reel off a thousand and one things they want to achieve or do. Visionaries often have big dreams and they strive to create these dreams in real life –  either through  their own lives, organisations, communities, or businesses they lead.  

Others (like me) are opportunists who don’t necessarily have huge dreams but instead they dream about making the most of life, through a natural curiosity, a thirst for learning and experiencing new things. Opportunists are likely to say ‘yes’ to new and interesting opportunities that come their way. 

What type of person are you?  If you don’t know the answer to this. Here are a couple of exercises for you to do, borrowed from the ‘Dreamer stage’ of the ‘The Disney Strategy’ (Adapted from the original Disney Strategy, developed by Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein)

Dreamer Stage – are you sitting comfortably? Then, I’ll begin!

Get yourself in a comfortable spot, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, relax and transport yourself into the future and visualise that your dream has come true, focusing on what it feels like to have achieved your dream.  This gives you the emotional motivation to take action and make your dream happen.

The brain cannot easily differentiate between truth or fiction. Creating a feeling that you have already achieved what you want, gets the brain thinking in that zone. Caution – the converse can be true too!

Think about the big picture of your dream, as if it is fully possible. Consider the benefits of achieving it and notice:

  • What are you doing?
  • What are you achieving?
  • Where are you?
  • Are you alone or are others there with you?
  • What benefits are you enjoying?
  • What is living your dream giving you?
  • How are you growing as a result of living your dream?

Get to know, explore and understand the real you.  Take personal responsibility to increase your self-awareness.  This will in turn support you to make choices to live the fulfilling life you want.  

My personal example: My desire has always been to travel far and wide. Throughout my adult life I have focused on taking every opportunity possible to travel the world and experience new cultures, wild life, scenery and the way of life in many different countries.

The Challenge: For 25 years I mostly worked for organisations that, to a large extent, limited me in taking the time to fulfill my dream of travelling.  Overtime this became more challenging and one of the reasons I set up my own business SUCCESSMITH in 2012, was to give me more freedom to fulfill my dreams of travelling when I wanted.  When the unexpected opportunity came up this year to travel more with my partner, I worked on this and decided it was possible to combine both working in my leadership coaching and executive development business and travelling.   

I worked on the desire to make this happen successfully i.e. keeping my business going while I enjoyed my constantly changing surroundings.  I visualised success and worked back from that resourceful place to energise me to overcome any challenges that cropped up. This made me feel very inspired, empowered and resourceful .

The Outcome: When I had no easy access to power for my laptop, I had to be creative and I ended up working in a campsite laundry room which seemed to be the most suitable provider of power in a light, airy and relatively quiet space.  On another occasion, I worked in my cabin on the overnight ferry to complete work and deliver to agreed deadlines. 

I honestly enjoyed the challenge of thinking creatively. When I came across logistical challenges came, I had to think quickly about solutions. My challenge was to ensure that my obligations to my stakeholders, clients and customers, were fully met, whilst enjoying the opportunities that were available every day to explore and enjoying my nomadic lifestyle.

I would not mislead and say that everything was plain sailing. However, I did prove to myself that the challenges presented were surmountable and the sense of achievement having risen to the challenges and successfully dealing with them were immense.  This increased my self-belief and gave me the confidence to do more!

Call to Action to Dream:

  • What is on your bucket list of things to achieve at work and at home?
  • Imagine what would you do if anything was possible. Capture this vision by drawing it or writing it down in words
  • What are you going to do to make it happen?

Create some quiet space to consider the above questions. Alternatively, talking to others can help greatly to explore your responses.

If you want some support for you to step into your dream phase, contact me to arrange a complimentary coaching discussion.  I can support you to dream about the life you want to create and then start to define the actions for you to take to make your dream a reality.

Next step? Next week, look out for the final blog in this short series of 3.  Part 3 will move us onto the ‘Dream’ part of ‘Explore, Dream, Discover’. See you there!