Better Work-Life Balance and Business Growth

Better Work-Life Balance and Business Growth

Business owner achieving a better work life balance and taking more risks in to grow his business

What was the issue?

Jeffrey* set up his own business a number of years ago and operated his business with a small team of 3.  Business was reasonably steady but Jeffrey knew that there was more potential to grow the business. For some reason all he could see was obstacles and reasons not to drive ahead with his plans – something was holding him back.  After hearing about how Marie’s coaching could support him to regain some work-life balance ( in practice feeling ok with NOT working all the hours in a day as opposed to feeling s of guilt washing over him), communicating more assertively and saying what he wanted and feeling more confident in taking risks with the growth of his business.

What  did to help

After the initial coaching session when we agreed what successful outcomes of the coaching would look and feel like, the coaching sessions commenced.  We worked on a number of ways to give insight, raise self-awareness and support Jeffrey to build his confidence, and how he might take calculated risks in growing the business.  Jeffrey was very open to the coaching and gives 100% and in return received 100% which made a powerful force for change to move him from the place he did not want to be in to a place he wanted to be to drive his business forward building on his previous success.

The Outcome

As Jeffrey found a renewed passion for doing what he previously loved to do in running and growing his business. He quickly saw the productivity and profits his business increase.  Just over a year later, Jeffrey opened a second office and doubled the number of people he employs.  Tangible results speak for themselves, and whilst there have been many factors at work to make this happen, the motivation to take risks to grow the business and act in a confident and assertive way has played a significant part in Jeffrey and his company’s success.

*not his real name


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September 13, 2017