Relationship Awareness for a New Team

Relationship Awareness for a New Team

Relationship Awareness Away Day for a newly formed Support Team

What was the issue?

The Support team had experienced a few challenges over the previous year and moving forwards the leader of the team wanted them to be enjoying their part in, contributing towards building a co-located, informed team that is performing well with steam lined/best practice ways of working derived from shared and consistent team practices

The outcomes of the event were:

  • Individuals to feel engaged in identifying and sharing ideas, implementing good practice
  • for all to explore the effect of emotions in the workplace and feel part of one team in a co-located area
  • the team to feel motivated to help each other understand and contribute to the success of the team particularly in the service excellence area
  • individuals to increase their self-awareness and identify ways for developing their own emotional intelligence
  • to benefit from getting to know each other a bit better in terms of their strengths and their differences
  • For all the team members to contribute to co-creating and maintaining an integrated and successful team
  • The team leader to:
  • benefit from being able to draw on the individual strengths
  • encourage individual development to grow their strengths and compliment the strengths of others in the team.


How  supported the outcome

To cover everything that was required in the day session was structured drawing from personal strengths activities  (using reports from the Total SDI tool) , then a vision and values interactive activity, to gather collective thoughts, followed an exercise to identify barriers to success and find ways to overcome these obstacles.

The short SDI session gave some warm up time for the team to get together and know each other better and explore the differences in their strengths and how they work.

Only 2 weeks after  the ‘overcoming obstacles and action planning session’, the feedback was that the more ‘contentious’ action list priorities seemed less of an issue, and this was thought to be down  to improvement in the team’s relationships. Building on this the action plan outputs have been revisited and refined in one to one, weekly and monthly communications meetings.

More time is needed to build the relationships and create more team bonding so ‘Getting to know you’ exercises were shared with the Team Leader to use in a future team meeting. All have said that the knowledge of strengths within the team has been a real bonus to adapt approaches to conversations at all levels in the team, the immediate line managers and stakeholders.

Another review of the impact of this team development is scheduled for 12 months’ time to get more anecdotal feedback on progress and to build in any refresher s or additional activities to keep the momentum going in the right direction.

From the Team Leader:

the personal strengths (SDI) exercises on the Away Day seem to have helped the diverse personalities to understand each other and appreciate their different approaches. I have noticed that most team members now do make efforts to adapt their style to get the best out of others in the team.”


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July 30, 2017