Regaining Mojo and Motivation

Regaining Mojo and Motivation

Leader regaining confidence, creativity, ‘mojo’ and motivation after reorganisation


What was the issue?

Bryony* is a very dedicated, able and creative individual who after some changes in her work and personal life wanted to regain more of the motivation, and love of life that she previously enjoyed in more abundance.  After a reorganisation at work giving her the opportunity to make a difference in another role Bryony was keen to use her previous experience skills and knowledge to apply them effectively in the new role. However something was holding her back- exactly what was not clear, she just seemed to be getting in her own way.

What  did to help

Bryony has a taster coaching session to discuss the issues she was facing and how Marie could help her address these through powerful and supportive coaching. She signed up for a coaching package and started her transformation!   There were a number of issues all intertwined and impacting on each other so through Co-Active coaching  ( a holistic approach) we coached on different aspects of the whole picture and peeled back the layers to bring about more personal insight  into the elements prompting the feeling of a lack confidence, a decline in creativity and a general feeling of losing her  ‘mojo’ and motivation.  Over the weeks Bryony was supported using relevant exercises, challenging questions and reflection and after each coaching session there was evidence of steady progress

The Outcome

The coaching package ended with Bryony feeling much more motivated and positive about herself and her abilities and able to access her own personal resources when she needed to boost herself back to her powerful and creative self.    This has been proven to be sustainable change that has carried on long after the coaching has finished. Occasionally Marie is delighted to receive buoyant messages from Bryony with fabulous news about the new things she is involved in and the great things she is doing, both her work and home life.

*not her real name


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September 13, 2017