Calming Imposter Syndrome and Thinking Differently

Calming Imposter Syndrome and Thinking Differently

Calming the ‘imposter syndrome’ and being challenged to think differently

What was the issue?

Anna* was a successful CEO of a charity with a real passion for what she does although  sometimes felt some self doubt – that she was not ‘good enough’ or was some sort of imposter in her leadership role.  Anna said she wanted our coaching to support her to be the best possible leader. In practice this was feeling more confident leading up to Board meetings when she knew that contentious issues would arise.  Although she knew she handle this, and had done so numerous times in the past, she sometimes she felt out on  a limb and wanted to take more control of this unresourceful feeling and access her best self.

What  did to help

Our sessions started off with getting clarity what being her best self looked and felt like.  We got clear on what success would be like and then plannedto achieve this through a series of coaching sessions.  Despite having a plan ageed before each session, if there was something more pressing that had arisen immediatey before the session, we dealt with that, whilst keepin the overall big picture goals in mind.  Anna’s positive and open approach and her willingness to learn and develop, her passion for her work and the success of her team contagious and very energising to work alongside. This together with  her  for trust in me to try out different techniques,  supported her to grow an array of tools in her personal  tool box she could use when ever she needed to access them either as CEO or in her homelife.

The Outcome

It is clear that with Anna’s high expectations of herself and others, her is ambition, her drive, her determination and her and inability to rest on her laurels will see both her and her team go from strength to strength in leading and growing organisation that is making a huge difference to the quality of the lives of others.

*not her real name


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September 13, 2017