Creating An In-House Coaching Programme

Creating An In-House Coaching Programme

Creating an in-house Coaching Programme to create a robust internal coaching pool

What was the issue? Demand for using coaches was growing and this leading charity wanted to create a cost effective and sustainable solution to build an internal coaching capacity. Marie was contacted to meet with the L&D Manager for a consultation and brief emerged.  The main driver to invest in coaching development was the outcome of a combination of factors such as a recent engagement survey which identified the need to increase engagement levels and increase the visibility of coaching as a development tool.  This coupled with the need to save costs of current expenditure on external coaching services and also to free up the L&D team’s capacity has raised the requirement to invest in developing competent  internal coaches.  The brief was to develop a coaching programme for approximately 12 Internal coaches (‘internally accredited’), by growing the coaching skills of individuals (who have been through a rigorous selection process) to be developed as an internal coaching resource in the organisation.

How  supported the development and outcomes

The  proposal was accepted and Marie designed and facilitated a robust 8 month practical Coaching Programme.  The first step was to recruit 15 potential individuals from a group at least double that size who wanted to put themselves forward to do this development and offer coaching services over and above their current role within the organisation.  In collaboration with the client we looked for and enthusiastic individuals who had at prior at least basic coaching skills development experience and a curiosity about coaching and a desire to dedicate some time to develop their coaching skills develop and become an internally accredited Internal coach to form a coaching pool resource for the organisation to draw on for individual coaching , supporting 360 feedback and any other internal coaching requirements over and above line manager coaching. At the end of the programme there is an assessment of the individuals coaching competence and on successful completion the opportunity to be awarded the Internal Coaching Certificate to become recognised as an Internal Coach. Throughout the programme, evaluation data is being collected to measure the cost benefits and the return on investment in this development initiative.  One metric has showed that after only 6 months into the Coaching Programme, the investment had already covered the cost of using external coaches within the same period to support development. This saving will increase and have greater impact as time goes by, and even more savings are made well beyond the end of the programme when these internal coaches are used even more widely within the organisation.


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August 30, 2017