Enhancing Change Skills

Enhancing Change Skills

Enhancing leading change skills in newly formed International Leadership Team

What was the issue?

Following the restructuring of the client’s European business from geographical to functional set up the new senior team needed support in working together effectively through constructive challenging and confident decision making to gain buy in from their own functional teams and implement the changes necessary to continue with and build on their previous success whilst increasing sales and reducing administration costs.

How  supported the development and outcomes

After a meeting with some of the client’s senior managers a proposal outlining options for a way forward was submitted. The development was to cover:

  • facilitating an understanding of the key components in any change process
  • exploring ways to clarify what is needed, make decisions and take action
  • constructively challenging themselves and the other functional teams managers
  • building confidence to take more calculated risks, make the more timely decisions and learn from successes and mistakes
  • communicating and acting in a way that nurtures team buy in and high performance

The client opted for short 90 minutes session to coincide with the European senior management team being together in one place for operational purposes.  The events were designed with a mixture of information, ‘hands-on’ exercises and discussions to articulate and envisage how this might be used practically back in their workplaces around Europe with their own teams.

Some of the practical outcomes were individual action plans with specific time frames. The activities were to implement their own learning and brief their own teams, creating sustainability and maximising the return on the investment in the development activities.  Some months on, the organisation is constantly changing and innovating and so the principles and practices around leading successful change are being used time and time again.

The Head of Learning said:

“The short leadership sessions had a positive impact.  The fact they were aligned with existing events the leaders were already scheduled to attend made the sessions cost effective, as well and adding value in terms of knowledge and skills building in this important and fast growing area”


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August 30, 2017