Building Confidence and Developing Leadership Skills

Building Confidence and Developing Leadership Skills

Senior Manager Building Confidence and Developing Leadership Skills

What was the issue?

Stephen* was an expert in his field and had been promoted to leading a diverse and geographically dispersed team.  As there was limited development opportunities at his level in the organisation Stephen spoke with Marie for some advice on how best to develop and refine his leadership skills to be a great leader for his team

What  did to help

Stephen said he had no prior experience of coaching and was sceptical and unsure about the impact that coaching would have on him achieving what he wanted.  I worked with him to get absolute clarity on his goals so we could track the progress and demonstrate forward action and results. I supported Stephen to stretch his comfort zone knowing that that is where the learning and growth happens.  However it was clear that Stephen I felt a slight reluctance to fully commit to some of the exercises in the coaching sessions so I adapted my approach accordingly to get the best outcomes for him.

In getting feedback on the coaching he said at first it took him some time to get used to the coaching and did not always feel 100% comfortable or convinced of the tangible benefits.  He said that after the initial couple of coaching he made a decision to stick with it trust the process.  We did some great work in the sessions and Stephen put this into action in between the sessions and reported back on outcomes so we could celebrate successes and learn from anything that did not work quite so well or failed

The Outcome

It seems that his persistence and openness paid off. Stephen sent me a message recently to say ‘the full effect of coaching has been like  a ‘slow burn’ and the more time passes I am seeing more and more outcomes and realising the full benefit of those coaching sessions – thank you!’

*not his real name


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September 13, 2017