Bespoke Team Solution

Bespoke Team Solution

Bespoke Team Away Day

What was the issue?

The Head of Department of a large creative and silo embedded team discussed the requirements with Marie and as a result and a bespoke Team Away Day was commissioned and designed to gain ‘buy in’ from all including some more cynical individuals in the teams, with the overall aim of the day being getting everyone to co-create and own the outputs and as an extra bonus an opportunity to do some informal ‘team bonding’ at the same time

How  supported the outcome

An event brief was taken on what the purpose of the event would be and how the value added would be measure?  We also discussed and captured the descriptions of what success would look and feel like to the team and to others they interact with, so we knew when this had been achieved.  The Away Day was then designed to the brief using lots of interactive exercises to immerse and fully involve the team in sketching out what better looks like and how to achieve it resulting in an action plan allocated to individuals or sub teams.

Following the event the feedback from the HOD was that ‘buy in’ had largely been achieved and that engagement is now much higher. Key outcomes have been a commitment to increased frequency of meetings deemed essential aimed at working through new ideas and assessing the impact on the wider organisation to take these factors into account.   The Action Plan is still an on-going ‘work in progress’ with regular check in’s on progress.

From the Head of Department:

‘We are making progress – it is like turning a large cruise liner – it has started to slowly turn, and it is the fact that it is turning that is important.’


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July 30, 2017