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Hi and welcome!  Thank you for stopping by and wanting to find out more about why I do what I do through my leadership coaching & executive development business, .

To get the best results from your leadership coaching and executive development, it is important to feel a connection with your coach.  Find out why I do what I do and how my values are reflected in my  business.


Why Marie Does What She Does


“I have always been curious about what makes people tick, how that influences their view of the world and their thoughts and actions. I also love learning new things and keeping my skills and knowledge current.”


As a result I have worked with a wide range of individual and teams from a variety of backgrounds, motivations and values. I understand and can empathise with an array of different perspectives.

“ I was sceptical about the impact of coaching before I started. Having not experienced coaching before I was expecting some sort of script to be rolled out with a number of theories and tools thrown in for good measure. I could not have been further from the truth”

Over the years, having spent large amounts of training budgets on courses for people to meet their individual and collective needs, in  2004 I discovered coaching and its impact, when done well/ powerful coaching takes place. Since 2004, I have studied coaching and development, by participating in various practice-based courses and gained qualifications, to increase my own personal coaching competence.  I have also trained others to coach others too.  The reason I had the courage to leave my last paid job as an employee and became self-employed,  was down to investing in 3 months of personal coaching to help me decide whether to stay or go from the organisation in which I was working .  As a direct result I left the organisation and created .   At the same time I undertook an 18 month robust very practical coaching qualification with Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and passed all the assessments and exams and became a certified Co –Active Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in mid-2014. After gaining this qualification, together with my previous experience I decided to focus my work on leadership coaching and executive development.

“ Being coached by Marie is equally beneficial both at the start of your career as well as a more experienced leader. Marie’s approach is inspirational. Using powerful questions she provokes thought and helps to generate options. Her non-judgmental responses are friendly and encouraging”

Marie’s Values

Making a difference: helping you get clarity on what you want, believing in you and supporting you to get from A to B

Working together: to co-create resourceful  and stretching opportunities to raise self awareness for growth with tarnsformational outcomes that are sustainable

Trust & integrity: to respect confidentiality at all times and co-create a safe enviroment where you can be your true self and get the most value from working with me

Nature and conservation of our planet: working with socially and environmentally conscious organisations

Fairness: believing that we can all make our own environment/ world and the environment/ worlds of others that we all live in better through self leadership and taking personal responsibility

If this resonates with you too, we could potentially work very well together. So speak with me about your needs, and if I can support or help you to make the changes you want to get you from A to B.  I work in a collaborative way with no fixed solutions or off the shelf services.  I always tailor what I can provide to support you, to meet both your needs and your budget.

“I feel that Marie is very client focussed, investing time in whatever is needed to probe and get focussed on things that will make the biggest difference.  Everything is individually tailored to explore and get to the nub of the issue, with absolutely no standard or one size fits all approach in sight!”

 collaborates with other professional coaches and facilitators and also does associate work with a small number of other companies offering similar services.  Consequently we have a wide range of experience, skills, knowledge and resources to access to make sure you have the right expertise to meet your unique needs.

Credentials Image

Since  was created in 2012, Marie’s professional, friendly and creative approach to learning has helped many individuals and teams to change the way they think about things, overcome obstacles and support them to make lasting changes, unlock their hidden potential and create success for themselves – however they define it.


I have utmost confidence in Marie’s ability as a skilful leadership coach and am delighted to recommend her friendly yet challenging, professional coaching services to others.”

Three berries  30 years in working with people (HR & L&D), 15 years at a senior level

Three berries  Founder of Aspiring Women Groups (previously Aspire Circles) in 2013 to date in London and Dorset

Three berries  Certified Professional Co Active Coach (CPCC)

Three berries  Organisation & Relationship Systems at Work course (ORSC)

Three berries  Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (FCIPD)

Three berries  Total Strengths Deployment (TSDI)

Three berries  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

Three berries  Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)

Three berries  Licenced Firework Career Coach (Career transition coaching)



When Marie’s Not Working …

Marie Dinghy Sailing

Having not been a particularly sporty child at school (apart from playing tennis in the summertime inspired by Wimbledon) I became more interested in playing sports when I became a student.  Throughout my adult life I have morphed from playing badminton and tennis to learning to sail and now for the past 20 years I can be found on the water racing dinghies and yachts in and around Poole Harbour. I also enjoy swimming (sometimes linked to sailing!), Body Pump & Body Balance at the gym and snow skiing in winter and the more restorative Yoga and Pilates. Other activities I enjoy are travelling the world to experience different cultures and wildlife.

Get In Touch

I live in Dorset and would love to talk with you either in person (usually locally), and by Skype or phone worldwide. I offer a complimentary initial consultation or exploratory coaching session to discuss what you want to achieve and for us to decide if we wish to work together.  Your needs might arise from you as an individual (usually coaching) or as an organisation (leadership coaching, workshops or team development).  Various packages are available to suit different needs so for costs contact me to discuss your requirements and your budget so we can find something to suit or I can point you in a direction that will better suit your needs.

Are you feeling curious?  If yes then reach out and have a conversation about the progress you wish to make with the challenges you face and let’s get moving!

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