Team Facilitation

Working with existing teams to:

Develop positive behaviours

Create productive relationships

Underpin continuous improvement

Increase resourceful collaboration

At  we work with teams through tailored practical activities, designing creative learning for individuals to access their own untapped ingenuity. We agree outcomes and measures of success for your particular needs and design a tailor-made solution to meet your specific requirements, rather than using off-the-shelf packages.

Tools we use

Total Strengths Deployment Inventory (Total SDI)

A powerful and effective tool for understanding and influencing the motive that drive behaviours. SDI helps people understand themselves and others better, and that understanding allows them to lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams and more effectively navigate conflict.


What we do and who we are being at all times – important when we are intentionally striving to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Fully integrated into all our workshops.

Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)

A tried and trusted framework providing the basis for lifelong personal development, team development and improved organisational effectiveness.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

A framework to support effective perception, understanding and communication. NLP is integrated into everything we do, and not offered as a specific topic on it’s own.

Action Learning Groups

Action Learning Groups is a type of team coaching where the group uses questions to support their colleagues to come up with solutions to their own issues

“It was a productive and fun way to achieve lots of goals. These ranged from understanding ourselves better as individuals and the value we add to the team as a whole, through to problem solving a current business issue resulting in an action plan which we immediately implemented with very positive results.”

Discover some  Stories that you might relate to:

SUCCESSMITH Story: Bespoke Team Away Day

As a leader, you want your team to perform highly by harnessing their creativity and encouraging their growth and development. You want them to enjoy their own work and working alongside their colleagues. Your intention is to support your team to co-create the environment for high performance to flourish.


Bottlenose Dolphins

SUCCESSMITH Story: Relationship Awareness

You lead a diverse and newly merged team. You want to capitalise on existing value-adding work practices whilst eliminating ‘waste-work’. You know that giving the opportunity for the team get to know and understand each others’ strengths, and involve them in shaping the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of their future team work is critical to success.


Vegas Glass Ceiling

SUCCESSMITH Story: Leadership Team Cohesion

You are a senior leader, heading up a diverse and highly skilled leadership team. You want to accelerate their understanding of each other whilst simultaneously kick-starting the business planning process.


Get In Touch

I live in Dorset and would love to talk with you either in person (usually locally), and by Skype or phone worldwide. I offer a complimentary initial consultation or exploratory coaching session to discuss what you want to achieve and for us to decide if we wish to work together.  Your needs might arise from you as an individual (usually coaching) or as an organisation (leadership coaching, workshops or team development).  Various packages are available to suit different needs so for costs contact me to discuss your requirements and your budget so we can find something to suit or I can point you in a direction that will better suit your needs.

Are you feeling curious?  If yes then reach out and have a conversation about the progress you wish to make with the challenges you face and let’s get moving!

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