Testimonials – Individual Coaching

As Chief Executive of a not for profit social care organisation I have found Marie’s one-to-one coaching support invaluable in supporting me to do the best job possible. We connect once every 6 weeks by phone for an hour. This level of time commitment works so well for me. A few days ahead of the session Marie will send me through a preparation form to prompt me to think about my progress since we last spoke and to prepare so I get the most out of my next session.  This really helps me to focus and reflect on my achievements as well as looking ahead.

Marie has a wonderful coaching style – she asks just the right questions, helping me to see issues from different perspectives and to identify next steps with confidence. She is a very warm person, consistently interested in what I have to say with a valuing and respectful approach. Although I have not needed to reach out to Marie between sessions so far, I know she would be there to support me. I always end each session feeling more confident and resourceful, which is great for both me and for Certitude!

Aisling Duffy

Chief Executive, Certitude

I was developing my role as a segment manager, and I didn’t feel that I was inspiring enough during meetings, especially with a team that was scattered over the globe making communication difficult. Marie’s friendly approach enabled me to feel confident that she was going to look after my interests, rather than try to present me with something prepared earlier, based on other people. Through our sessions, Marie helped me view things differently, so that I could be more comfortable with what I was doing, understand what was important to others, and focussed on a presentation where I felt more inspiring than I had felt for years.

Marie combines her great experience and knowledge with a dynamism that helps deal effectively with issues and opens up possibilities.  I’d certainly recommend Marie’s work for anyone feeling unsure about dealing with difficult circumstances, because I know she would listen carefully and then put all her effort into helping you fulfil your aims.

Dr. Sean Walls

Avian Segment Manager, Biotrack Ltd

The personal one to one coaching I received from Marie was to help provide me with a structured approach in identifying my goals and clear steps in order to achieve them. In particular my personal goals were to be more effective in my job and address my work life balance that also met the company needs.

Following some MBTI ( Myers Briggs) training that Marie succesfully ran for the company, I choose to work with Marie on some personal coaching as I found her style very approachable and supportive.

The outcome to the coaching helped me clearly understand where and how I needed to focus my attention to achieve the goals. I felt equiped to take the next steps in order to achieve the goals.

I found Marie’s coaching a really helpful part of my personal and professional development, she provides a safe space to stop, reflect and really examine potential next steps. Marie’s style is very friendly, and approachable, she is focused and professional leading the sessions so that you come away with action points and a feeling of accomplishment.

Marie provides a fantastic level of support through her coaching, and her approach and style genuinely allows open thinking.

Liz Edgar

Head of People, Lush

Marie and I trained together as coaches so I’ve had plenty of experience of her coaching and since our training have had the advantage of tapping into her wisdom and experience of training and coaching in workplaces, which is also my area of focus.

Marie’s genius as a coach is her wise and calm presence and her no-nonsense, thoughtful, pragmatic approach to helping her clients get clear on where they are, where they want to be, and how to bridge the gap. There have been times when I have been in deep sadness or in the middle of overwhelm, and Marie has always ‘held space’ in exactly the right way, helping me find my own way through and being there to support and guide if asked.

Jacqui Sjenitzer

Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Looking for a change of career in my mid 50’s was daunting enough, but to then be granted an interview for the first time in 36 years, well that was scary. Where do I start, how to prepare, what is required at a modern day interview? I was not sure how to start preparing for it so I contacted Marie for help and advice and straight away she put me at ease.

During our coaching sessions Marie supported me to devise a plan to implement and worked on building  up my confidence.  The coaching sessions were calm and friendly.  By the end I was feeling much more confident and more positive about myself – I felt like I was walking 10ft tall! With Marie’s help and my preparation and action, I now have a change of career- something I doubted was possible!

Robert Gifford


I approached Marie to work on an executive coaching assignment as an Associate for Stellar Learning. Over a period of 4 months, Marie coached four executives, at one of our major clients, at a crucial time in their careers. Marie’s professionalism and expertise from the start shone through. Marie worked confidentially whilst providing a way to measure return on investment. All four of her clients gave very positive feedback reporting on tangible progress each of them made and their achievements during and in between their coaching sessions.   I have utmost confidence in Marie’s ability as a skilful leadership coach and am delighted to recommend her friendly yet challenging, professional coaching services to others.

Stella Collins

Creative Director and author of 'Neuroscience for Learning and Development Specialists', Stellar Learning

I contacted Marie for coaching as I felt both my business and I were in a rut of limited productivity and not making the most of the potential my business has.

I was recommended to Marie and SUCCESSMITH by a close friend who had seen the results of Marie’s coaching. I could not have been more impressed with the results. From my first contact with Marie my attitude, positivity and confidence began to improve noticeably. After my course of coaching sessions, my relationship with my business had improved significantly and perhaps more importantly, the productivity and profits of my business have increased. I am really excited to see what the future holds and grasp it with both hands!

I am so pleased I contacted Marie and SUCCESSMITH, the results achieved were genuinely impressive and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone in my position. I strongly believe most professional people would benefit significantly from SUCCESSMITH coaching.

James Poole

Director, Bright Inventories Ltd

When I started coaching with Marie, I wanted to do things differently. Rather than following a well-trodden path, I wanted to find a way to make a difference and also successfully juggle family life and doing the work that I love. I wasn’t sure what the next step was in my career and saw myself at a crossroads. After completing the coaching,  I feel that I now have options, fresh challenges to face and I have a renewed energy to tackle these. In Marie’s safe hands, I have benefited greatly from the practical tools and exercises used during the coaching sessions. As a result I have more clarity about what and how I want to achieve the things that are important to me.

Lydia Leach

Chief Operating Officer, Wordbank Ltd

The coaching time I’ve spent with Marie has been fantastic – everything I expected was included. When I consider what it’s saved whilst helping me to turn my targets into achievements, it’s great value for money and time very well spent. Furthermore, by having Marie add narrative and coach me around the details I’ve had even further insight.

Sam Moore

Head of Energy Solutions, UK Energy Partners

The incredible talents of Marie have enabled me to overcome issues that affected my ability and ambitions and have given me to the tools to take goals to a higher level.  Since I first shared my needs, the journey may have been unexpected, but always enjoyable, insightful, and rewarding, unlocking talents and abilities I didn’t realise I had.  These will stay with me for life, and always ready to use.  I can’t wait for more.

Peter Emmett

Head of Events and Community Fundraising, Guide Dogs

I would highly recommend working with Marie as an executive coach. Marie is very professional and supportive and her subtle yet powerful questioning produces huge insights. A very progressive experience.

Rebecca Gilbert

Executive Director, People and Culture, Condor Ferries

One of the most beneficial things I gained from Marie’s coaching was the exercises and resources she suggested to help me move towards my goals. I now have an increased range of resources, tools and techniques that I can use over and over again. They will be invaluable in future roles, even though my specific objectives will change over time. Marie has shown me how to be self-sustaining through the next phase of my career development.

Debbie Davis

Financial Controller, BH Live

I have never been coached before and was a little nervous at opening up at first, but Marie soon put me at ease and I was talked to her honestly about the self-limiting behaviours I had identified.

Three key approaches, that made sense to me, were found. I have been applying the techniques Marie guided me to and after a few weeks, I feel more confident in my ability to embrace new opportunities on the horizon.

I deeply appreciated Marie’s openness and honest pragmatic approach. It’s not a “one size fits all” process but Marie’s gentle probing questions and practical observations helped me to open new thought pathways in which I am kinder to myself and still able to drive my success forward.

I would recommend Marie to anyone who needs guidance and clarity to achieve their goals and dreams and I can certainly see myself engaging with her services again.

Sarah Woods

Project Manager

Thank you so much for everything over the past 6 months.  I think I underestimated the value that coaching would give and have found it to be tremendously helpful in getting my ‘spark’ back. You have really supported me to understand what is really important to me and drives me which in turn has helped me to understand why I have reacted in such a way in the past to circumstances that are in conflict with my core values.  The work we have done together constantly springs into my mind particularly when I’m out running and walking, having ‘nature moments’ with my children and holding a meeting that just seems to run perfectly.  Thanks again – I’ve really enjoyed our time together.

Fast forward 6 months later…. I’ve continued to go from strength to strength and really loving life, work etc! I’m doing what I love at guide dogs – new product development and project management, and about to start managing a very small team again… All nice and slow and specialist. I think I’d started my weight loss when we were meeting… lost the whole 3.5 stones I planned to and kept it off so far! The running is going really well too and I’m all set for my first half marathon in Oct… Then all being well my first marathon next spring! Thanks again for helping me to get back on track last year.

Fast forward another 8 months later… Just a quick note to let you know that I actually completed the London marathon on Sunday! I still can’t quite believe I did it especially in that blazing heat in 5.5 hours! It was a lifelong ambition to do and I feel so fulfilled by it!

Beth Marsh

Income Diversification Manager, Guide Dogs

Marie has a great deal of knowledge and experience and uses it to skilfully guide clients through the maze of life. As a result of our coaching sessions together, I’ve personally learnt so much about myself, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

With a friendly and professional manner, Marie kept me focussed on desired outcomes whilst giving the flexibility to explore other areas and subjects.

My goal was to find a new career path and I needed some guidance to know whether I was on the right path or not. I also felt I needed some help to find ways of believing in my skills and abilities both professionally and socially.

Having worked with Marie I knew she was on my ‘wavelength’ and had also heard great things about her coaching from ex-colleagues.

My sessions with Marie re-affirmed what I think I already knew but needed to verbalise to a third party. Marie has certainly helped me to find the path I needed and to give me confidence in other areas of my life too.

Donna Robson