Individual Coaching

The Benefits of Coaching

For individuals

Three berries  stimulates clarity to overcome obstacles

Three berries  challenges you to think differently

Three berries  scientifically proven to support change

Three berries  gives you clarity in facing obstacles

For organisations

Three berries  supports individuals & teams during uncertainty and change

Three berries  helps individuals explore different perspectives

Three berries  supports leaders to be innovative and creative

Three berries  offers a significant return on investment

Typical challenges SUCCESSMITH clients face

Whatever challenge or obstacle you face, if you really want to change something, let’s talk.

In the majority of cases, you can be coached on your challenges and with some work you can bring about sustainable, lasting change.

We use the best method for you to have timely, cost-effective, confidential and successful coaching – whether it’s face-to-face, by phone or over Skype.

“Since I first shared my needs, the journey may have been unexpected, but always enjoyable, insightful and rewarding – unlocking talents and abilities I didn’t realise I had. These will stay with me for life and always be ready to use”

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What does coaching involve?

Coaching skills and behaviours are vital tools to any organisation that wants to get the best from their people.

Marie works with many individuals and teams that claim that they coach or have had some form of coaching development. Often these are basic coaching skills where the impact is transactional or short lived.

Marie’s coaching skills and approach creates transformation with demonstrable results. Both confidence in one’s own abilities and a range of tools are required to change how individuals lead, manage and develop others.

By tapping into Marie’s 30 years’ of experience in developing others, she wants to share how you can grow your people using tools, behaviours and practices that produce transformational, powerful outcomes.

Eight Steps To Success

A few days ahead of the session Marie will send me through a preparation form to prompt me to think about my progress since we last spoke and to prepare so I get the most out of my next session.  This really helps me to focus and reflect on my achievements as well as looking ahead.

Complimentary Exploratory Coaching Session

Gift Box  It’s so important that the chemistry between coach and client feels ‘right’ and that there is 100% trust both ways.

  We both want the relationship outcomes to be productive and powerful, so contact me for a complimentary ‘no strings’ 60-minute sample session to see if the chemistry is there for me to support you to take charge and manage your challenges in a sustainable and resourceful way.

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Sources of information:

Scientific evidence that coaching is a powerful force for supporting change (Ann Betz, The Neuroscience of Coaching

Coaching offers a significant return on investment (International Coaching Federation Global Coaching Client Study for the Human Capital Institute showed that 86% of companies saw their investment returned and almost half of those saw an ROI of between 10 and 50 times their original investment)

Other interesting resources:

Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and now Chair of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) on the importance of having a coach.

Ten ways coaching can help your organisation by International Coaching Federation Global Staff for the Human Capital Institute